Our Community

AgBioEn was established by Tsing Capital Australia and is committed to the principles of "Doing Well by Doing Good"™. Tsing Capital has won global recognition for its commitment to the triple bottom line which assesses success in terms of financial, social and environmental results.

AgBioEn is working in local communities, with the first site to be built at Katunga in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria. Katunga has a long and proud history as a town community and thriving farming industry since the Katunga Post Office opened in 1881 and the railway station opened in 1888. It is these values that make Katunga an ideal location for the AgBioEn business, including the ability to integrate into the longstanding local agricultural supply chain and produce bioenergy for use locally within the region.

Katunga Fresh, one of the regions most successful horticulturists is the local sponsor for AgBioEn and is well recognised as one of Australias leading glasshouse horticulturalists. Katunga Fresh is AgBioEns first customer.

Producing bioenergy locally will allow local businesses to expand and also has the potential to have multi-industry benefits. For example, in addition to satisfying local energy needs, AgBioEn will supply renewable diesel for local transportation companies and bio-jet fuel for the aviation industry along with other by-products of the process including CO2 and renewable energy.