AgBioEn is an Australian first fully integrated renewable energy business. The company uses world class technology to deliver clean, low emission renewable energy and liquid fuels from biomass. Based on evidence to date, emissions are well below EPA, European and other global standards. On the basis that our solution is 100% renewable, the net carbon released into the atmosphere is negative as we absorb more than is created across the entire supply chain.

The technology we use is based on a gasification and Fischer-Tropic gas-to-liquid process to convert the biomass into biofuels. The system is integrated and closed loop.

AgBioEn is a vertically integrated business. The company is in the process of establishing, and will operate, agricultural cropping enterprises. The objective is to produce most of the required biomass needed to make bio fuels and bioenergy, while also producing food for global markets.

AgBioEn is focussed on the environment and the regional communities in which it operates. Importantly, AgBioEn has partnered with high profile Indigenous Australians, to provide opportunities for Indigenous communities to participate in the business, as well as the development of community program benefits.

AgBioEn is an ideal partner for organisations who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing their sustainability credentials, while also contributing to regional and Indigenous Australian community development.